[NR] Directions Again, Please?

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 22 22:07:46 PDT 2006


   I inadvertantly included the directions to NR FP
with other e-mail that I deleted. Would someone please
be kind enough to re-post those directions?

   I'm not sure yet my route (from here, either west
of Shawnee then north or else go to Tulsa then I guess
go by Cleveland and take the tunpike west of there
(never been that route, but may this time, as I may go
to the hunting and fishing show in Tulsa first, then
hook over to Stilwater.)

   It's been a long time since I got to see a lot of
the folsk I knew in the SCA when I played a bit more
often..I hope to actually make something for once and
see many of you there!


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