[NR] Goodbye Missive

Lori Campbell lcampbell at oltn.odl.state.ok.us
Wed Jul 26 12:47:24 PDT 2006

Her Grace Larissa asked that I pass this along to the Northern List 
since she is no longer subscribed. :)
- Kat


Greetings Good friends and Gentles of the Kingdom of Heros, Ansteorra!

I am in the final stages of packing the house.  Doing that touch up 
painting and interviewing realators and prospective
buyers.  It is exhausting all the way down to my toes.

The keys to the new place get turned over to us on the 9th, Duncan and 
Tressa leave for New Mexico just after the
1st of August, Derrick is going into the Naval reserves and leaves for 
training shortly after.  Military Intellegence is
what he has selected, scary but exciting.... where did the time go.  Sigh.

I will be here finishing the house work prior to sale and dealing with 
all the fun that selling a house entails.  I think maybe
a pizza and painting party will probably come across this list soon LOL!

It has been a crazy couple years, waiting for the move with starts and 
stops.  It is hard to say goodbye to a Kingdom
that has been home since 1998.  So many wonderful memories, so many 

Duncan will be attending his last fighter practice this Sunday at the 
Steppes local practice in Carrollton.  We hope to
see some of you to be able to say goodbye, cross swords as realm mates a 
final time, and just have some fun.

It is hard to leave the Kingdom that has been our home since 1998, and 
the people who have been our family.   Each
of you has touched our lives in some way.  Some in great powerful 
impacts and some like gentle breezes.  I am thankful
for the years I have had with you, and all that I have learned from the 

We will be here to visit a lot in Ansteorra.  My husband is 
telecommuting to Dallas and as he is the Director of Internet
technology for his employer for these last many years, they want to see 
his shining face for new initiatives so I will come
with him and shop, visit, maybe hit the occaisional event and spend time 
with my household and friends.

We are leaving our active and energetic household Clann Ross in the 
capable hands of Sir Morgan Buchannon and his
Lady wife Ciannait.  Clann Ross is beloved family to us and  I know will 
continue to be an active and contributing group
of people in service, arts and sciences and chivalric excellence in the 
Kingdom of Ansteorra.

It is hard to leave, but I look forward to the next chapter in my life 
with a light and happy step.  If any of you decide to
take up traveling to Estrella or the events pointing that direction, 
please know that you have a place to rest along the way. 
Our ranch is in a rural area a couple hours from Las Crusas, and just 
below the Chiricahua National Forest, the land is my
next artistic canvas until it blooms with color.

I wish you all the best in life.  The time, talent and treasure of the 
friendships we have shared has been priceless.  And I
look forward to coming to visit you all often as our travels bring us here.

Duncan, Derrick, Tressa and I will always have nothing but love in our 
hearts for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and for it's People.

Much affection.


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