[NR] Gulf War XVI

April Chipman agillilan at swbell.net
Thu Nov 2 18:27:42 PST 2006

I've gotten word from HL Honour du Bois, the Gulf War Land Steward for
Ansteorra. She says she would like to keep the land arrangements as they
were for last year, but it really depends upon how many people pre-register,
and what groups they want to camp with. Just like always, some group or
groups may have to be moved to another location to make sure everyone fits.
It's just like a giant game of tetris, but with more obstacles. And that
hurricane thing didn't help at all. :)

If you have traditional land in Ansteorra, you are allowed to do minor land
improvements such as cleaning up or leveling hills without prior
authorization. Anything that is more intensive, such as removing trees,
bringing in heavy machinery, or erecting structures has to be approved by
the Gulf War staff and site owners. 

If any of the groups in the northern region would like to do improvements to
their land, please let me know what you are thinking of doing and I'll pass
it on to Honour. She will be able to say for sure if it can be done without

Pass the word - start the preparations now! Gulf War will be here before you
know it!

NR GW Land Coordinator

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Do you know if the Northern Region's usual area is back to normal and 
usable this year?


April Chipman wrote:
> Now is the time to start making plans for war! Who's going, and how 
> many of your friends are you going to drag along?
> Once again, I will have the privilege of being the land coordinator 
> for the Northern Region. I would like to have someone from each group 
> be a local land coordinator and collect the names of people from each 
> group going to the war. If you are interested in doing this, please 
> send me, your seneschal, and your Baron/Baroness (if applicable) an 
> e-mail.
> Gilyan

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