[NR] New to the Area, but Not the SCA

Elric Dracwin dracwin at cox.net
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We do newcomers meetings once per quarter and you just missed it.

You would be welcome to come by our house to visit. Call me at 749-5915.
There is a regional practice here in NW Oklahoma City on 11/26. We will be
doing Officers Meeting at our house on 11/28 and populace meeting at NW 31st
and Pennsylvania on 12/5.

Elric Dracwin
Baron Wiesenfeuer

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Heya folks,

I just moved to the Barony of Wiesenfeuer from the Kingdom of the West,
where I grew up. Can anyone point me in the direction of a local
newcomers meeting or such like where I can meet folks from the area? I'd
appreciate any help you can give.

Wolfe Morganson

Dawson Schachter

The Lion's Skin
3033 Tinker Diagonal
Del City, OK 73115
Phone: (731) 513-3730

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