[NR] Too many addresses

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Mon Nov 27 07:43:32 PST 2006

>> Is this some kind of spam setting? or is the list moderated now?

I'm sure it's to catch spam. Goodness no--no moderation, just oversight.
Discarding all the spam we get is what I mostly do for Northern.

>The Kingdom server will hold messages for the approval of the list
>if it has too many addresses in the "To:" field..... when someone sends
an event >announcment to every list they can think of rather than
sending it to Ansteorra >Announce.

About half the time. The other half is when the poster sends it to every
northern group's email list (Namron, Wiesenfeuer, Eldern Hills,
Northkeep, Mooneschadowe, Brad Leah) PLUS Northern. And usually the
poster has individuals on the list as well. Or both Ansteorra &
Ansteorra Announce. It all adds up and makes it wait for my approval.

Of course the other big bouncer is trying to post a message to Northern
from either someone who is not a member OR someone who probably is a
member but is using an alternative email address.


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