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It's time...again.

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> Blood of Heroes in Grimfells
> Once again the juggers gather for the great fall sport in the 
> home of southern hospitality in Calontir.
> But this time there is more!!!
> Grimfells will host Blood of Heroes on October 28, AS XLI at 
> the traditional site of Agri Park, in Fayetteville, AR.
> Additionally, there is also a Rennaissance Festival happening 
> across the street on the same weekend.
> We will do fighting demonstrations for them from 10 to 11 on 
> Saturday and 1 to 2:30 on Sunday.
> Their website is: http://comp.uark.edu/~dupton/NWA_Festival/
> The Game will begin at noon.  The League will be arriving in 
> their bus from Moonschadowe.
> Can they three-peat?  Only if you let them.
> Prizes for the League will be a set of matching Blood of 
> Heroes t-shirts from our cafeshop collection.
> There will be an arts and sciences contest, with the theme 
> being "Armor in Any Medium".  Again the Prize shall be a t-shirt.
> Grimfells will serve a free tavern-style lunch for all those 
> displaying their site token.
> The Grimfells Music Ensemble will be playing throughout the 
> afternoon.  Contact Pavel if you wish to join them in their 
> melodic frivolity.
> After The Game, there will be a Steak Thing and Post Revel at 
> Sir Marcus and Mistress Christaen's new house.
> Plenty of space, two bathrooms, an eagerness to host...
> Sunday morning Master Pavel and Lady Natalia will serve 
> omelets and waffles until everyone is tired of eating.
> As mentioned above, there is an opportunity for more fighting 
> on Sunday afternnon.
> We have acres of crashspace, much of it with beds.  Contact 
> Mistress Christaen at cmorley at uark.edu
> Friday night there will be two showings of the inspirational 
> movie, "Blood of Heroes" at Pavel's, at 8 pm and 10 pm.
> While we regret that Grey Niche scheduled their war on top of 
> our event, have you looked at a map?
> Here are the driving distances:
> From                To Grimfells         To Corinth, MS
> Forgotten Sea      233 miles            567 miles
> Standing Stones   310 miles            439 miles
> Oakheart             143 miles            388 miles
> You will have no tent to set up, and we will have mints 
> waiting for you on your pillow.
> Come enjoy a crisp fall day in the Ozarks, breaking Juggers 
> in half, smashing their bones, leaving the ground behind you 
> wet with brains, for no other reason other than sticking a 
> dog's skull on a stake.
> Simple directions:  Come down Interstate 540 to exit 66, 
> which is Highway 112/Garland Ave.
> From the ramp, turn south on to Garland, and go approximately 
> two thirds of a mile until you come to Agri Park on the left, 
> and the Pauline Whitaker Equine Pavillion on the right.  Turn 
> left into Agri Park.
> Further information to be found at 
> http://www.grimfells.net/?page_id=12

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