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Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Mon Oct 9 16:02:22 PDT 2006

Thank you so much to Pooky and those that contacted me offlist,

Lord Pooky wrote:

> Susan the Curious,  I am large and readily identifiable. I will have a cell phone on ME and will be attending Protectorate. If you allow ME to memorize your eyes for 20 seconds I would be happy to be a liaison via the air waves for you and your husband. Pooky - Namron MoC 405-206-1227 ( I will be in kid's classes and boffer all day Saturday)  I watched the show on OETA tonight and am so excieted about this coming weekend.I do have a request, as I don't have a cell phone-I need to have a number or two I can leave for my husband in case he needs to get ahold of me, my mother is an invalid and he is doing full time duty for the weekend so that I can go-I just need to have a contact number in case something comes up.Thanks,Susan the Curious  . Do your shopping and make your DREAM at Poppa Pookie's Plentifully Pleasurable emPorium!!! Get your Education at Pukhta Lovvek's University of Empathy and Learning Center of Loving Thought!!! Our Motto: "The~Love Illuminates and Vivificate
> s THE~DR
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