[NR] Protectorate XXX Tavern and Lack of Heating (likely)

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 11 08:21:07 PDT 2006

Greetings Susan the Curious and all whom might attend Protectorate XXX,
Please pardon any lack of spacing in this email, it appears as though MY last email was run through a compression filter and got squished. I Don't know what I need to do differently to avoid that.
Yes to tavern, I have the list of what is available and prices at the bottom of this email. THREE FAT CHICKS tavern makes very good food that much I do know.
I do not think the Cabins are heated.  I remember them having large fans for cooling. I might be wrong as to whether the cabins are heated but I would not want you to be depending on them being available or functioning. I recommend one bring a heating device for your own comfort. If they do have heaters of some sort provided in colden times ya cannot be assured the unit in whichever cabin you reserved is guaranteed to function. If they are provided and you don't have a bed near the zone of heat that would make their benefit ineffectual.
Pre planning prevents poorer pleasantries,
Susan will I be your onsite surrogate cell phone goto guy? (always good to know ones responsibilities)
> Just checking, I have my reservations in for feast, will there be a tavern as usual?  If so, what meals will they be covering over the weekend and what is the cost? Trying to figure out what all I need to pack.  Also curious, is there heat of any kind in the cabins?  I was checking the weather and it looks like it will be a bit brisk... Susan the Curious    
Three Fat Chicks Tavern

Breakfast $3.00



Peachy Pork with Rice  $3.00
Grilled Duck with Noodles $3.00
Beans and Corn bread $2.00
Hard Boiled Egg 3 @ $1.00
Fruit Pies .50 each


Thank you for your support!!!
At a Protectorate near you
and as always the coffee is free!! 

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