[NR] Northern Fighter Practice

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 17 11:36:26 PDT 2006

Greetings unto the mighty lands of the Sable Star,

His Majesty has called us to make ready for WAR!

In answer to his call the Canton of  Chemin Noir has answered offering lands
and hospitality to the Northern Regional to practice their arts of war. On
Saturday the 21st day of October in the open fields Sooner Park starting at
Noon the clash of weapon upon shield shall ring across the North.

This small but hardy Canton hopes to make this practice into an engine for
recruitment to help the Ansteorran host grow. Please bring out your
artisans, dancers, drummers, banners, tables, and chairs, and make this a
day of legend. Heroes of Ansteorra from both the Armored and Rapier fields
shall be welcome upon the field. There is even a rumor that there will be a
contengint from Calontir in attendance to try their luck against the mighty
Northern Army of Ansteorra.

After practice their shall be a revel at the most hospitable home of Lord
Fiontan O'Quigg. Space abides in plenty in Lord Fiontan's lands, enough for
tents and many people. The land holders nearby are also very easy to live
with and enjoy the idea of medieval folk invading their neighborhood so
drummers and dancers, and revelers of all manner are most welcome!

Sooner Park is on  Madison Blvd. Bartlesville OK,
Take I75 to Bartlesville. Go East on Highway 60 turn North on Madison and
head north to park.
We will be on the north end. Practice starts at Noon

Revel will be at the home of Lord Fiontan at 123 Morningside. From park just
head north up Madison to Tuxedo turn west  go past the I75/Tuxedo
intersection. Morningside is about 4 streets west of I75. Turn South . His
house is a few doors down on  right  Side. This Revel is a BYOE (Bring Your
Own Everything: chair, drink, food, Etc.).

We look forward to seeing citizens from all over the Kingdom there to
practice their skills in the art of war together and to support this most
Northern of SCA groups.

Kind regards,
Ian Dun Gillan
Lord of Northkeep and Chemin Noir

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