[NR] Protectorate XXX Children's Classes

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 24 16:26:51 PDT 2006

Heartfelt Greetings from Namron's Minster of Children,

I hope all that attended Namron's Protectorate XXX had a wonderful time!

If your child successfully attended either the Waterbearing or Bardic class at Protectorate XXX and did not receive a scroll and badge, please contact Me off list at lord_pooky at hotmail.com or by calling 405-206-1227.

My appologies for not being in the great hall after Saturday's evening court as promised. I was summond away to handle a chiurgic / person moving emergency during court. (another 20 feet down the road and our Beloved KING would still be waiting to honor Me with a Compas Rose)

In service to those smaller then Myself,
Lord Pukhta "Pooky" Lovvek ~ MoC of the Barony of Namron

Please excuse multiple list postings. Thank you

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