[NR] 3 Kings

Cameron Lewis okrabbit at cox.net
Tue Oct 31 17:06:16 PST 2006

Attention all heavy weapons fighters in the North.

I am Louis the German, rightful heir to Charlemagne's kingdom and will 
offer up dinner and revelry Saturday night for all of those that will 
come and fight by my side this weekend at 3 Kings in Rosenfeld.  I am in 
need of archers and folks that will be helping on the sidelines as 
well.  Come and join the fun of 3 kings and fight alongside your 
brothers of the North.  We will be wearing red if you have any to bring 
and I am making armbands for all of those on my side if you do not have 
red to wear.

Come have fun with us,
Louis the German
or Rabbit whatever

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