[NR] Gulf War XVI

April Chipman agillilan at swbell.net
Tue Oct 31 20:52:53 PST 2006

Unfortunately, no, I do not know. I have several questions along that line
in to the Ansteorran land coordinator, and will let everyone else know as
soon as I do.


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Do you know if the Northern Region's usual area is back to normal and 
usable this year?


April Chipman wrote:
> Now is the time to start making plans for war! Who's going, and how 
> many of your friends are you going to drag along?
> Once again, I will have the privilege of being the land coordinator 
> for the Northern Region. I would like to have someone from each group 
> be a local land coordinator and collect the names of people from each 
> group going to the war. If you are interested in doing this, please 
> send me, your seneschal, and your Baron/Baroness (if applicable) an 
> e-mail.
> Gilyan
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