[NR] Med Faire

syr_owen at nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Mon Apr 2 10:47:28 PDT 2007

Prynhawn da,

I had a most marvelous time at Med Faire. I would like to thank a few people. 
First To the many fine gentles that walked the ropes talking to the gathered 
crowds and answering questions. To all who kept the fighters Rapier and 
Chivalric watered to the wonderful drummers and dancers to those who sat for 
hour hours answering questions in the A&S tent. To all those who worked till 
their bodies said stop and then worked some more thank you. 

Adena as far back as I can remember you have given your all and then some. You 
are amazing and the world would be a darker sadder place if you were not in it.

To all of the people that I made stronger this weekend you are welcome some of 
you were made stronger than others but know that the Owen love was shared 
equally to all who came to the field. Med faire is the Boston Marathon of 
fighting because it does not end until the faire is over. To those Rapier and 
Chivalric fighters who shared the glorious tournament field know that our 
actions have inspired the hearts and imaginations of thousands of people.

To the Drummers and Dancers what an amazing display that was incredible and an 
inspiration to many whose hearts leaped with the movements and rhythms of the 
dancing and drumming.

To the mighty, Landed Nobility of the Northern Region, you are an excellent 
inspiration to us all. It is indeed an awesome display when that many great 
people gather together. The hard work that all of you performed as set the bar 

I hope everyone is resting and has that awesome feeling of a job well done 
because you deserve it.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan

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