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Increased Media Attention and Guidelines

In the past few years, the Society has been garnering increased media 
attention, some due to the efforts of the Society and Kingdom Press 
Officers, some through situations beyond our control.  While that can be a 
positive thing, raising awareness of the Society’s activities in the outside 
world, expanding our potential for educational outreach and enhancing the 
image of the Society as a whole, there is also a downside which will require 
extra vigilance from local groups.  There are media sources which are more 
interested in sensationalist coverage than in portraying the organization in 
an accurate manner.

First, a caution to parents:  there have been incidents where an individual 
has approached minors claiming to be a reporter wanting information on the 
organization, but refusing to speak with parents.  When we contacted the 
media outlet whom the individual claimed to be representing, the media 
outlet had no reporters who had contacted us.  They also assured us that 
they would not have approached minors without first talking to, and 
obtaining permission from, the parents.   Please be on your guard for this 
ruse, especially in public settings.

Next, there has been an increased amount of attention from national/high end 
media, including magazines, professional and student filmmakers & 
documentarians, and reality TV shows.  If any of these media outlets contact 
you, the contact should never be handled at the local level.  Refer the 
contact immediately to your Kingdom Media Rep; it will most likely be 
handled at a Society level.  Permission to film at any SCA function for 
anything other than personal viewing can only be obtained from the Corporate 
level.  Permission requests go to the Society Seneschal, via the Society 
Press Office.

Additionally, permission to use the names, logos and insignia of the Society 
for Creative Anachronism, Inc. for any media venture must be obtained 
through the President of the SCA, via the Society Seneschal/Society Press 
Office.  This includes the names and heraldry of Kingdoms, Baronies and 
local branches, as well as the Society as a whole.
Finally, a note about Internet video.  Please let common sense prevail.  Do 
not post any copyrighted material (video or audio) for which you do not hold 
the copyright without obtaining written permission from the copyright 

Thanks to everyone for their increased attention to these matters.  If you 
have any questions, please contact the Society Press Office at 
media at sca.org.

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