[NR] Beltane accessibility

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 29 12:56:20 PDT 2007

Good Day Barony, Canton, and known world

I am online today asking if there are any unanswered or unaddressed concerns 
anyone might have.

I want to get answers to any questions nearly as much as you would like your 
questions answered.

Some things I know now that might be helpful are:

The autocrats / event stewards & I are going to be out early friday to see 
what areas are not soggy, well mowed, not needed for activities or Royalty.
There will be a LARGE map at troll where on then we will be able to block 
off areas for people whom have already contacted me concerning their medical 
camping arrangement needs.

Friday we will also find out which electrical plugs are functioning and take 
them into consideration when determining the availability of electricity in 
approximation of camping spots.

Before friday we can't really point to this chunk of land or over at that 
spot, before being there to scope it out and seeing what works. The large 
map will be nice so if you have people in your party that are a half hour 
behind you in traveling they will be able to know where you are.

If you show up and need something, I with all my Pooky power will do 
everything I can to make the site accomodating for you! I at this time am 
attempting to emphasize this.

PLEASE contact me off-lists via email , secondly 405-206-1227 if you have 
any needs, wants, or concerns for which you'd like me to focus my attention. 
Show me the i's I need to cross and the t's i need to dot. No wait ummm oh 
well... Just Let me know!

My Thanx,
Pooky - Beltane Accessibility Liaison

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