[NR] New Year and Time is Rushing Onward - Are You Ready?

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Tue Jan 2 21:01:42 PST 2007

On behalf of the Barony of Steppes
I come forth with the following announcement -

Twelve Hour War
January 19th - 21st, 2007
Seventy Two Open Field Battles held Over the
Course of Twelve Hours

Come and fight in the entourage of your favorite Knight!
The two knights with the most powerful entourages will
command each side!

The sides will hopefully be balanced by skill or numbers!

This is the last event to practice fighting under Gulf War rules!
Imagine a “Lay On!” almost once every ten minutes!

A full day of fighting from sun up to sun down or until exhaustion,
which ever comes first!

Six AM Armor inspection, if you can not pass in the dark…

January is great heavy fighting weather!

An off the calendar event means no courts to attend!
Besides, it is either this or Red Tape!


Site will open at 4pm on Friday January 19 and will close at
11am Sunday, January 21

Contact Information: Site Fee:
Steward: Adults $8, (5-17)-$4
Cionaodh O’Hosey 5 and under free
(Gene Hosey) Family max $24
(972) 689-0467 All prices not including non-member fee

Site is wet with period containers.

Event will be held at the Tanglewood site.

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