[NR] Gulf Wars 16 Pre-Registration...

April Chipman agillilan at swbell.net
Thu Jan 11 17:11:13 PST 2007

... is well under way, and will be closing soon!
If registering by mail, all forms and fees must be mailed and post marked no
later than January 31st. Go to www.gulfwars.org to print off the form, or
look in the middle of your Blackstar.
If registering online, you must do so by February 14th. (And don't forget to
buy your S.O. flowers, too!) Go to http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php and
select Ansteorra as your kingdom.
After you have pre-registered, contact your local land coordinator and tell
them you have pre-registered. They will ask for more information, which will
likely include: SCA Name, Mundane Name, Group Camping With, and Tent Size.
They could ask for more if they want.
Really, you should all come to Gulf Wars if you can make it. It's more fun
than a bus full of Mooneschadeen.  :)

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