[NR] Charter painting Wednesday reminder in Namron

Jennene Stanley Mooharpist at cox.net
Tue Jan 16 21:03:51 PST 2007


Just a quick reminder that scroll painting is going to happen at the  
Moo Manor Wednesday at the usual time of 7pm.  We have several  
Kingdom charters are in various stages of completion that need to be  
painted. If we can get these charters ready to take down to Red Tape  
it will mean a total of 51 kingdom charters from this part of the  
world! So please brave the ice and road hazards and come to the House  
Moo Northern Charter painting night.

You've heard it but here it goes.......
........We will have snacks, drinks and other munchies as usual. Even  
if you do not paint. Come anyway!  We will teach and you can enjoy  
the general fun and "Moohem". Everyone is welcome. We've got some fun  
DVD's to pop on the TV,  a  history library to invade, internet to  
surf, cats to chase and birds that go po... oops.... well you all get  
the picture. All this and charters too!

Anyone needing more information or directions  please drop me a email  
or call 872-8775

Moo Manor is on Mapquest!

Thanks for reading this missive.  Hope to see many of you here!

HL Anya Gordon Lamont
Northern Regional Scribe
Jennene Stanley
"Vanity working on a weak mind
produces every sort of mischief"
						-Jane Austen
mooharpist at cox.net		www.mooharpist.net

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