[NR] An Apology to the Latest Queen of Beauty, HLady Rixende and the Steppes Warlord for 2007, Sior Tomas

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Tue Jun 12 20:53:43 PDT 2007


This is over due and should have been done prior to now. And since I 
posted beyond the boundaries of the Barony of Steppes, posting to 
correct this oversight on my part. I mistaken identified who HLady 
Rixende was a Cadet to, which was Master Robin and not Don Robert.

My apologies to HLady Rixende, and her Husband - Sior Tomas, and course 
to Master Robin and Don Robert.

HLady Rixende is cadet to Don Robert MacPharland and not to Master Robin.

Master Robin and Mistress Serena are HLady Rixende Foster Laurels.

Below is the Corrected prose:

Warlord of Steppes
Highlighted by stopping all others
For Final Round
The fight was indeed worthy of such
Total of Ten Rounds went the List
As those who came before
Were named Warlord
One more took his place among those so named -
Sir Tomas Niallagain (KSCA - Knight in SCA)
                      - Central Region Knight Marshal
     and his lady,
         HL Rixende de Rouen (Cadet to Don Robert),
     (Foster Laurels - Master Robin and Mistress Serena),
by his side and watching from the side lines.
HL Rixende as well became the
Queen of Beauty this day
All by Sior Tomas Strength of Arms

Lord Michael Kettering
Steppes KM

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