[NR] rapier authorization

syr_owen at nordsteorra.org syr_owen at nordsteorra.org
Tue Jun 19 06:43:58 PDT 2007

The absolute best way to get a fighter authorized is for that fighter to 
attend practices. After the fighter has been to a few practices  the fighter 
should know how to throw shots how to defend. They should have read the rules 
know what hold means  where they can strike where they cannot strike. After 
all of that is taken care of if your practice does not have a authorizing 
marshal in attendance ask the local marshal to contact the regional and either 
the Regional marshal or a authorizing marshal will be in contact with the 
local marshal to arrange a time to get the new fighter authorized.
Now if you are in a hurry what I would do is cram all of the above information 
down new fighters throat throw them in a car and go to a practice that a 
authorizing marshal is at and hope they can pass the question and answer 
portion of the authorization process. Now if this fighter is in Chemin Noir I 
personally would contact either Riddari Balvin  or Sieur jean Paul or try to 
get a hold of me and arrange for a meeting at an official practice. Once you 
get the forms filled out the temp authorization will be good for thirty days 
and long before that expires you will receive the happy green card of 
In conclusion this is the fast and easy answer to get someone authorized. To 
truly train someone and try to get them to understand the why we do what we do 
is a completely different discussion.

Syr Owen ap 

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