[NR] Three Kings

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Wed Jun 27 10:28:14 PDT 2007

Greetings unto the Region of the North.  I Harald known as Hardrada am raising an army.  I choose to lay claim to the throne promised to me.  I intend to take England.  I ask that all  would come and join me and show the world what the true measure of the Harald's army would be.  Fight for plunder, riches, land and glory.  Let the Bards tell tales of how we vanquished our foes.  
Two will stand against me.  One who has no claim and one who should step down.  The throne is mine and I intend to take it.  
I would ask that my friends in Northern Ansteorra come and stand with me and show the world what the measure of Men and Women of the North really is.

also known as 

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