[NR] Big Demo in Northkeep

Kenneth Smith ulfarnfinnson at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 05:52:30 PDT 2007

Well you won't have to worry about my sword at the moment.  HE HE hee

Dennis England <sirbalvin at cox.net> wrote:
  I'm planning to drag my butt out there for some fun. You guys don't hit me 
to hard. I'm old and slow.

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> Well I will be there but will not be fighting. I will marshal and talk to 
> people though it is not what I do best.
> Ulf
> Ian Dun Gillan wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I know this email will sound a little manic, trust me I am not, I just 
> want
> to make sure we are ready because this is an important demo. Today is
> Thursday that leaves exactly two days before the very important Library
> Pira...Privateer Demo.I would like to check with all of you on things to
> make sure we are all excited about the demo and prepared for it.
> 1. Are people coming?
> People are the most important part of this whole demo with out people from
> Northkeep to be there and help out it will simply not go well. So if you 
> can
> come out if only for a couple of hours or only for one hour please. 
> do so.
> 2. Set Up?
> The set up needs to start as early as possible on Saturday
> The Baronial Trailer will be there Saturday morning.
> We will need to raise the Baronial Pavilion set up a list field, and help
> finish the ship.
> We will need lots of tables so if you have portable sturdy table please
> bring it.
> We will need at least three pavilions maybe four...one for the main 
> display
> and artisans to work under, one for the fighters (does one of the Angi 
> want
> to bring their personal pavilions for this purpose?), one for the
> Water-bearers (we have a popup in the Baronial trailer we can use), if we 
> do
> a fourth it should one of the patchworks to be used for any children's
> activities that we might have going on. Are we doing the beading thing 
> again
> this year if so I am sure we could use a supply of inexpensive beads and
> beading materials.
> 3. Hand outs?
> Do we have hand outs printed?
> we talked about Business cards, do we have Northkeep business cards 
> printed?
> 4. Water-bearing?
> We have the one popup in the trailer and I think at least one Table.
> Do we have all the supplies we need? Tables, Drinks, Food, Water-bearers?
> 5. Fighters?
> Are you all coming and bringing your toys
> Remember to really have fun and play things up for the crowd.
> 6. Artisans?
> Are you bringing projects to work on?
> Are you bringing items to display?
> 7. Displays?
> We need some examples of all the SCA does
> Arts and Crafts, Archery, fighting, camping, feasting
> A few peace tied weapons would be nice and examples of armor like a helmet
> and a chain-mail shirt
> A model medieval encampment would be nice maybe Fenton can bring his
> pavilion, rope-bed, and chest?
> 8.Decorations?
> We need some nice banners and pennants to really spruce the place up
> Also if you bring a modern chair or cooler please bring a throw to cover 
> it.
> We need portable holes with free standing banners to go in them?I have two
> that I will bring.
> 9.Musicians?
> Want to come play or sing we would really welcome you.
> Again I can not say enough how important People are? Please everyone dress
> up and come up for this demo it is only a few hours on Saturday and
> Northkeep really needs you to be there. While you are there interact with
> the public, put on a friendly face, share your experience in the SCA with
> others, for your efforts our Barony may prosper and grow.
> So is everyone getting excited about this demo? I know I am, so please 
> come
> out and share in this demo and the revel afterwards.
> Kindly,
> Ian
> Baron
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