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Unto the must pleasing and loved populous of the Ansteorra, does al-Sadiq 
ibn Ahmad ibn Ibrahim send his most grateful greetings.
        I must firstly apologize for the use of this forum and the lateness 
of this missive.  As some have heard my Grateful Barony is having its major 
Demo the weekend of the 22-23 Sept.  I understand that this is the same 
weekend that Elfsea is having there Defender XXVI and Investiture 
(Congratulations to the new Baron and Baroness).  But I must ask those that 
are unable to attend Elfsea’s Defender to come out and help us at our demo.  
We will have an opening Court on Sat at 1100am and closing at 5 pm.  On Sun 
it will be from 12am-4pm.  I ask all fighters of Chivalric and Rapier 
communities to come out and play.  We are looking to have some small melee’s 
(3 on 3) demonstrations.  We will also have room for those willing to work 
on their Arts and Science projects to do so. This is a working demo not an 
event we would normal put on.  If you have Questions or concerns please get 
a hold of me and I will be more than willing to give you more information.  
My contact information is:

(580) 647-6620
sadiqibn at hotmail.com


Sayyid al-Sadiq ibn Ahmad ibn Ibrahim

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