[NR] Greetings and Salutations to all!

Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Tue Sep 18 20:55:54 PDT 2007

Subject: Lawton International Festival Demonstration & Northern Regional Fighter Practice

Greetings and Salutations to all!

I am posting to let all know that not only is the SCA making it's return to the Lawton International Festival this year with A&S artisans working on their projects, but it is also the Barony of Eldern Hills's turn to host the Northern Regional Fighter Practice. 

Ladies and Gentleman of the fighting lists, both rapier and chivalric, are cordially invited to come and practice at the Lawton International Festival Demonstration being hosted by The Barony of the Eldern Hills. This demonstration has been one of our best in the past and looks to be even better this year. Artisans that wish to travel with their fighters are MOST welcome, as well. Bring any work in progress that you can sit and work on for the public to watch you at work with your art or craft. Many artisans at work make for a fine display of skills that can be learned throughout the SCA.

The more fighters, of both rapier and chivalric, the better. There should be enough room to have some small melees. Unfortunately, there will be no opportunity, at the demonstration, for combat archery. I do apologize to our most worthy archers. You may make me your preferred target at the next Northern Regional Practice, or Samhain XXVII, whichever you see me at first. 

Please remember the weather is supposed to be really warm, and when in armor that means HOT. Stay hydrated! Waterbearing will be going on. There will also be many many EXCELLENT food booths throughout the festival serving up some of the best foods of the many different cultures of the world. So set aside some time to give them a try as well.

The festival opens to the public at 11am Saturday, September 22, 2007, and lasts until 5pm. It will reopen again on Sunday morning, the same time, and close Sunday afternoon at 4pm. If you would like to arrive earlier, the area set aside for us is right next to the Lawton Public Library front doors. You should see the list field ropes and all, already set up, on the 4th Street side of the library.

Come and enjoy a weekend of sharing our dream with the public. We might just find some folk that wish to live the dream with us.

Lord Roibeard mac Aonghuis
Knights Marshall, Barony of the Eldern Hills

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