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Hail Ansteorra!!
We all revel in the glory of our fair Kingdom of Ansteorra.  Her Lands are 
Strong and Mighty as is her loyal populace.  However,,, Can she count on YOU to 
defend her in times of War?? Will your skills with the sword/ rapier/bow be 
strong or swift enough to strike fear in those who would try to tarnish our 
Kingdom?  Now is the time to sharpen your weapons and practice those skills of 
The fair shire of Brad Leah will be hosting a War Collegium October 19-21 
2007.  The lovely site is located near Archer City Texas and boast of CLEAN 
heated/air-conditioned cabins, a large roomy hall for classes and acres of mowed 
green grass for camping and fighting. There are STILL cabin space available by 
reservation for no extra cost. 
Fighters will be practicing the actual scenarios that will be found at Gulf 
Wars, using Gulf War conventions. There will be a town battle, field battle, 
the "Widow Maker" from the Gulf Wars Castle will be fought.  We want to be ready 
for anything our adversaries throw at us.  Our event will allow you to put in 
practice what you learn here at 3 Kings and Bordermarch later this fall.
For those who do not fight,, we offer several classes throughout the day.  
Learn more about waterbearing- such a vital support lifeline for your fighter.  
Also Countess Regina will do a class on cooking at war.  There will be a Silk 
Banner painting class by HL Gyllian of Moonshadow.
We will offer a tavern for lunch and dinner.  HL Hans Famous soup will be 
offered as well as wholesome, filling hot food.  Just the thing for a blustery 
fall day in Ansteorra.
More details are located at our shire website:
For Cabin reservations please email 
Countess Octavia- _dafpig at aol.com_ (mailto:dafpig at aol.com) 

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