[NR] Please welcome ....

Kingdom Webminister vscribe at ansteorra.org
Thu Oct 2 08:43:25 PDT 2008

Please welcome your new Regional Virtual Scribes!

Northern - Garreth Silverthane
Southern - Pending
Central - Alastair MacEogan
Coastal - Eadric Anstapa

Please feel free to go to them for help and inspiration. Their backgrounds
are full and robust.

You will see their information in the Black Star and on the regional pages.
I will also have a page of my officers posted on the Webminister's website.

At this time I would also like to announce that the deadline for Kingdom
Webminister has passed. Thank you to all how showed interest in the job.

Enjoy your nice weather!
HE Chiara Francesca
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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