[NR] Master Barat's Cloak

Jacqueline Reynolds jacqueline_reynolds at cox.net
Mon Oct 13 08:02:17 PDT 2008

I know most of you heard that several items fell out of our truck on  
the way to the Namron Protectorate event this past weekend.  Well, we  
recovered everything, BUT Barat's beautiful cloak.  We lost it on I-35  
somewhere between mile marker 160 - 170 (which is about 15 minutes  
South of Perry, OK).  It is a purple eggplant color on the outside and  
silver on the inside.  The purple color is some sort of velvety  
feeling material & the inside is silky feeling.

If anyone has found it or has seen it anywhere, please let Master  
Barat or his wife, Lady Jacqueline, know ASAP.  We would really like  
to find it.  Our contact information is as follows:

Barat: (405) 420-1382
Jacqueline: (405) 401-3105

Thank you,
Jacqueline Reynolds

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