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CelticNorthStar at aol.com CelticNorthStar at aol.com
Mon Aug 24 11:35:57 PDT 2009

Dear Good Gentles,
I am unsure how it happened but I have been drafted to teach classes of 
I shall begin with a class of Leatherworking 101
this class shall be a discussion and instruction of Leatherwork and 
Tooling. In this class you shall learn about tools, materials, and methods of 
Leatherworking and Tooling. Students who wish to continue on in my next 
Leatherworking classes will then need to acquire tools and materials for each 
individual student.
I also shall be doing open to all leather working workshops at some up 
coming events. TBA.
Leatherworking 101
30 August 2009
4 PM till ????
Denny's Restaurant
N. Harrison 
Shawnee, Oklahoma
In Service,
Laird Gaelan Garrett

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