[NR] Gothic Is Near

HE Chiang chiang at clearwire.net
Mon Aug 31 21:25:18 PDT 2009

  Greetings Ansteorra,
This weekend will see the 18th Gothic War. We look forward to seeing everyone there. There will be something to tempt everyone. Melees both in Chivalric and Rapier combat as well as tourneys in both, on Saturday and Sunday. You can melee or just fight till you as so tired you can barely drag back to your camp. There will also be Thrown Weapons. Sorry that we are at present unable to have archery, no marshals. 
 If you are not so into fighting we even have a few things for you too. There will be an A&S competition and shopping. We have several merchants lined up with all sorts of goods for sell. The goings on are way to numerous to mention in this post. You have all heard or found out how much fun this little war is, so come on out and relive it all. 
  Do not forget the Famous and Original Gothic War Chest. Bring an item of worth to put in the chest and get another one out. 
You can find more information, including directions and a site map at: http://trelac.ansteorra.org/Gothic/default.htm
 Once again we look forward to seeing everyone, old friends and new at Gothic Wars. 
 Until then, I am and remain, your humble servant,
 HE Chiang 
 18th Gothic Wars Event Steward

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