[NR] Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel - Sat. Dec 5th

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Greetings everyone,

In just a few short days we will be hosting Wiesenfeuer's Russian Yule Revel and TRM's Royal Huntsman shoot. There's plenty to do for everyone and we look forward to seeing all who can make it.

some highlights...

Royal Huntsman - don't forget your weapons of pointy destruction!

Baronial Championship for Arts&Sciences and Bardic - bring your skilled crafts, bring your wit and vie for the honored Titles of Wiesenfeuer.

Northern Regional Baroness' Toy Tourney - don't forget your toys! literally, bring a toy to enter both the chivalric and rapier lists. for all others, bring a toy to donate in the name of your barony, especially if one of the fighters forgets anyway. that way, everyone has a chance to fight and have fun.

MOC activities AND Youth boffer combat *added just today* - bring what armor you may have for your children & enjoy the all the wonderful classes planned for the day.

Soup sideboard for donations to sate the early day hunger until our wonderful FEAST worthy of any Royalty - make sure to use Acceps to pre-reserve your feast before Wednesday.

Table Decorating, Subtlety & Banner contests - fastly becoming a Baronial tradition.

* * * If you would like to volunteer to help in any particular area or if you need further info, please contact one of the Event Stewards.

Again, can't wait to see everyone this Saturday at Camp Dakani

Lady Angelique
Lady Shanna
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