[NR] Major home renovation

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 16 01:48:58 PST 2009

Dear gentles of Ansteorra,
  I have been an Ansteorran for 10 years, now, and witnessed more kindness and generosity than I would have believed still existed in the world, and in 21 years in the US Navy, I have seen a great deal of this world.
  We, as a kingdom, as well as by individual action, rarely miss a chance to help others.
  Recently, Duke Jonathon Macebearer, and Duchess Willow de Wisp moved to Northkeep.
  The house they are now in is a disaster. they have plenty of workers from around Northern Ansteorra, but are limited as to what to work on because money is in short supply, VERY short supply.
  I know,it is, every where.
  I am not asking for huge outlays of money from anyone.
  I have been empowered by their Graces, to raise any money  possible, so what I am asking, is anything you can spare. $5- $10 from 10-20 of us adds up fast.  Also, Count Finn Kelly O'Donnell, who is in overall charge of the project, asked that if any one has construction supplies, that would work just as well.
  Count Finn has taken this project on, due to the health issues that their Graces are dealing with.  They are unable to do any of the work.
  If you wish to contact Count O'Donnell, directly, his email is;  
f-ross at sbcglobal.net.  Snailmail is 1237 S. Louisville Ave.  Tulsa, ok. 74112.
  Her Grace expressed a desire that any donations be sent directly to Count O' donnell, as he is who needs it in the long run.
  When I think of all these two have done for Ansteorra, and the dream,
it motivates me to want to help.  How about you?

  Please repost this as much as possible.

  I am, and remain, in service to the Dream

  Lord Admiral Robert Haddock, Ansteorran Royal Navy, retired


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