[NR] Attention all fighters and marshals

Kory-Kajira Lewis torinsmail at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 1 17:44:01 PST 2009

First off, I wish to send you all greetings.  I hope your new year has finished off its first month as you had hoped and the following months will do the same.  
Second, I have stepped into the role of Marshallete Secretary.  Bianca left me in clean and caught up spot, but it does appear that this will be a very busy year for me.  I encourage EVERYONE to look at your fighter authorization cards ASAP to check out the expiration dates.  This year, a lot, if not most, of your cards will be expiring sometime throughout this year (Rabbit's was in Feb, but mine is in Dec...)  With Gulf Wars coming up in less than 2 months, you will need to get new authorizations in quickly so they will be in the database for the printoff to be taken to site. 
I have made a new design for the authorization cards that I hope will be well accepted.  I shrunk them down a bit so they will better fit in a wallet (they are the size of a credit card).  So if you see a different style, please don't think anything is wrong.  The older style of cards will still be usable as these will just be phased in.
I noticed that the marshallete secretary's e-mail didn't make it into the blackstar.  If you would like to scan authorizations in and e-mail them to me, please do so using the designated e-mail address of secretary at marshal.ansteorra.org  .  This e-mail address that I am sending from filters out e-mails that are not on my contact list.
I will continue the tradition that Bianca had done, where I will e-mail to the ansteorra list the names of authorizations that had been completed for your FYI--also, listing those that had incomplete data so you may re-complete and re-file to me.  
Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions and forward this e-mail to any list that you deem necessary--
Kajira Camber
(Khayra bint Tahir ibn Rashid)
m.k.a. Kory Lewis
a.k.a. Rabbit's wife :-p
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