[NR] Armor for sale

CelticNorthStar at aol.com CelticNorthStar at aol.com
Wed Feb 11 14:16:32 PST 2009

Please cross post to all lists:
I have retired from heavy fighting. I have most of my armor and most all of 
my weapons for sale;
Helm - Open face grill w/ horse tail
2 gorgets
2 pair clam shell gaunlets
1 Pair elbow/van braces
1 pair Leather knees with back pads
1 pair half gaunlets
2 great swords
2-3? short swords
other assorted weapons
$500.00 cash buys it all. Will sell pieces as well.
Please reply by e-mail privately to _CelticNorthStar at aol.com_ 
(mailto:CelticNorthStar at aol.com) 
In Service,
Ld Gaelan
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