[NR] hands on research , those not going to gulf war, but interested in bowmaking, flint knapping, primitive traps, etc.

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Nov 29 04:54:21 PST 2009


for willow , and anyone else who may be interested.

interested in learning primitive living skills, including bow making, flint knapping,trapping ,
cane arrow making ( which is very similar to making asian cane arrows , especialy if you use horn points and knocks ),
etc ?
the oklahoma selfbow society's annual gathering / training / etc. ( ojam ) is again to be held in march 2010 .
this year demonstrations / participations for building selfbows,bbo's,rivercane arrows,and flint knapping are planned.
last year ( 2009 ) there was also impromptu classes on cherokee blow gun making, as well as blowgun dart making and primitive trapping.
last year also, there was a walk through wooded 3-d target course ( free ), 
2 over the pond shoots ( bear and pig ), a moving pig shoot,( fund raisers ) and several drawings ( fund raisers ) where many items were raffled off , including a stag handled flint bladed knife made on site ; )
if i remember correctly , last year there were over 500 people through the gate,and over 300 bows made in 2009
so if you want to build a bow in a weekend , but need instruction , assistance, tools , this is the place to come.
2009, i wound up with an almost completed bow, because i entered many of the shoots, took some classes, and then helped out some of the other builders. ( but i now have the tools to finish it ; )
if you plan on building a bow , either self or laminate, you will still have to purchase the supplies you will need .
2009, it cost me between $65 and $85 ( i don't remember : (   for a seasoned osage stave.( yes i had saved all year : )
but the bow bench , draw knife, scraper, rasp, band saw, tillering jig, and knowledge were all loaned free of charge !!!
seasoned staves of different hardwoods were available onsite to purchase, as well as fresh osage staves at a reduced price ( you have to store them for at least a year )
oh , and yes this event is kid friendly , sat. evening meal available for purchase, and i believe the coffee, snacks before are prepared by a local boy scout troop ; )  and yes the kids were making their own bows as well , 
but it is " primitive camping " tents and porta potties, most if not all power outlets are dedicated to running the power tools ( belt sanders, band saws, and hot boxes for making laminate bows )
this event has been filmed and shown on outdoor oklahoma .

we now return you to your 2010 event planning = )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun

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