[NR] Grand Assembly of Archers Tavern

Daniel (Linus) Garbelman doxygen at cox.net
Sun Jun 13 09:16:13 PDT 2010

Greeting All,

Lets try this again. We are opening bids for tavern at Grand Assembly of
Archers, August 27-29. We have had a few folks express interest, but found
they were waiting for contact information. Wait no longer. Please send bids
to myself (Lord Linus) at doxygen at cox.net <mailto:doxygen at cox.net>  and to
Colette Maginot at debmaschino at yahoo.com <mailto:debmaschino at yahoo.com> . If
you have questions, you may contact either one of us by email or phone. Mine
is (405) 615-1710. Colette’s is (405) 520-2287.

We are expecting between 150 and 200 people. At this time, we are not
planning to have a feast available at the event. This may change if a feast
steward wishes to step forward with a bid as well. It is a full weekend
event. It will be at Camp Dakani in Oklahoma City. There is a small kitchen
available with a large fire pit for use. When I say large, I mean with
enough charcoal you can roast a goat. We would like to have bids in by the
first of July.

Thank you,
Your Event Stewards:

Colette Maginot
Debbie Mitchell
(405) 520-2287
debmaschino at yahoo.com <mailto:debmaschino at yahoo.com>

Lord Linus The Expectantly Famished
Daniel Garbelman
doxygen at cox.net <mailto:doxygen at cox.net>

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