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     I am one of the people that got there picture taken at the demo but alas I live in northkeep so I am unable to get the newspaper. I am hoping that someone could pick up a couple of newspapers for me. I believe that Ludo would like a copy also. This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

     Sarran the Traveler (John Thompson)
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Subject: [NR] Newspaper info

The Norman Transcript ran an article on Saturday about the SCA and that 
we were going to have a demo at the Masonic Lodge on Sunday.

On Sunday they had a photographer come out and take pictures of some of 
the activities. 3 printed 3 of the pictures on page 2 of the paper.

The pictures were of Vincenti shooting archery, John Thompson and Lloyd 
Ludo doing heavy weapons fighting, and David Sauer and Jacques Ball 
doing rapier.


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