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Eisteddfod will be at the Barony of Stargate on December 4th. 


All things being equal (which they rarely are), particularly the performance quality, in all rounds judging preference will be given to period style pieces. Furthermore, preference will be given to original pieces over pieces written by someone else. If one performer does an original piece in a non-period style (though ideally not blatantly modern) and another performs a piece written by a period bard..... ahhhhh that's where the hard part of judging comes in. Additionally, if you write and original piece in a period style, but it bores everyone to tears you likely won't win, just because your piece was well documented. As in years past, documentation is not expected to be up A&S competition level, that is what Kingdom A&S is for.

Round 1 will be what I am calling a persona piece. The piece must relate somehow to your persona. This topic could include a variety of options. Let's say for example, you are a 16th century highland Scotsman. You could perform a poem by William Dunbar or one of the other Scottish makaris. You could perform an original piece in a period Scottish style, spoken or sung. You could perform a piece in a non-period style about some event of Scottish history or your clan. You could perform a piece about some aspect of Scottish culture. Documentation as to how this relates to your persona will be expected. At the end of the day, we are an educational group. By the end of your performance, I want to have learned something. 

Round 2 perform the piece that you think gives you the best chance of winning. 

Round 3 will allow you to perform a piece on one of the following topics. a) Woo hoo! You won Eisteddfod. You return home triumphantly and immediately everyone in your local group wants you to perform. Perform a piece about your local group. b) When you return from war, it is very likely someone will want you to write a piece about some event at war. As such, you are to perform a piece inspired by events at the War of your choosing: Estrella, Gulf, Pennsic or Lilies. c) Children are not the future of the SCA. They are part of the SCA now. Perform a piece that would entertain a group of smalls. d) Perform a piece about a former King or Queen of Ansteorra.

Round 4 Bards love to make people cry, especially at Eisteddfod. I thought we were all going to slit our wrists last year after the 2nd round, as piece after piece brought us to tears. However, a common request from Royalty is to perform something light and entertaining. Your goal in this round is to make us laugh. 

 Later rounds will be determined as necessary. The final round will be open to bards to choose the piece they believe gives them the best shot of winning. 
Exact format will depend partly on the number of competitors. I would love for everyone to perform twice. However, with a large enough field that can become unwieldy. The general format will be that of a tournament with head to head judging. If we have a large field, then rounds 1 and 2 will be preliminary rounds to get into the tournament. At that point, the field will be narrowed to an appropriate number that does not allow for byes. If we have a smaller field, then the tournament will begin immediately, but will be double elimination. You should plan for at least 5 rounds. 

Thank you, Lucas mor mac Raghnaill

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