[NR] [Wiesenfeuer] Things at Yule Revel

Cameron Lewis okrabbit at cox.net
Thu Nov 11 17:48:51 PST 2010

This year at Yule Revel XX 


Chivalric "SNOWBALL" melee.

You like chocolate don’t you?

Rapier fighting on the burning ship.

Don’t miss out if you even remotely like chocolate.

We will have a Northern Regional naming meeting from 1pm to 2pm under the pavilion or in the Nature center if it is bad weather.

Did I mention Chocolate too?

The Centurions of the Sable Star will be washing the dishes of feast goers' for a donation, so please help out and get your dishes cleaned so you don’t have to do it later.  Earlier this year the Centurions held a free event for everyone with the donations that we had collected over the past 2 years of washing dishes, and the plans are already rolling for the next free event. 

And there will be chocolate...

Baron of Wiesenfeuer

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