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Well, these days the SCA formally uses the phrase "pre-seventeenth century".
In other words, anything up until midnight, December 31st, 1599.
The old 600-1600 AD timeline is gone.

Some sources say European culture, others don't. I'm not sure if the current mission statement of the Society uses the words Europe or European but the SCA has always been welcoming of non-European cultures, even though it is loosely constructed around and inspired by western monarchies.
We have had a healthy smattering of Asian, Middle Eastern and African cultures since the at least the 90's, and I've spotted some American peoples at larger events as well.

This lack of a beginning date is also one reason why Roman soldiers are becoming more common, as well as a number of late Iron age tribes and nations.


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> Exactly. One can use the argument that 'my persona was born in 1599 so therefore I'm in period but I lived in 1640 so therefore I can 'whatever' this.'  As you said, Emma-san, it's a grey area. A grey area full of could haves and might haves.
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> > The "1650" comes in for *personal* names, as the so-called "grey area"
> > -- we consider that documents about any one marrying or dying between
> > 1600 and 1650 mean it's at least possible they were actually born
> > before 1600, and so we give the benefit of the doubt where possible
> > and reasonable.
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