[NR] CORRECTION: Border Line... (and lilting repecter)

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Contrary to any popular opinion, the following are not duties of the northern regional seneschal:
1.  The keeping, updating, and defense of the Necronomicon (which was converted to a Wiki in July of 2009 and had nothing to do with my taking the office).
2.  Care and feeding of Shogoths.
3.  Tentacle polishing with Dr. Zog's special wax.
4.  Curbing after the Gate Guardian when he leaves little guardian land mines in the secret gateway to a dark, foreboding, wet, alternate land that challenges your mental sanity (aka Trimaris).  Such a gateway has nothing to do with the Heavnor Runestone; nor do I have to visit it on the solstice and equinox with sacrifices of lutefisk and Tequila.  Really.  There is no basis for presuming such duties exist.

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> Go Pods!
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>> The Plateau of Leng? Nice.
>> Good to know there are other Miskatonic alumni in the region.
>> ~Finnacan
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>>> Norther Region borders this month: North Pole, Urals, Panama Canal, 
>>> Plateau of Leng.
>>> Got it.
>>> M/D

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