[NR] CORRECTION: Border Line... (and lilting repecter)

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All of this makes me wish that I did not live in a creaky old house at a 
young age, the first time I tried to read some Lovecraft.
HE Chiang Chi-sh h
who is doing much better about that sort of thing now

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> Contrary to any popular opinion, the following are not duties of the 
> northern regional seneschal:
> 1.  The keeping, updating, and defense of the Necronomicon (which was 
> converted to a Wiki in July of 2009 and had nothing to do with my taking 
> the office).
> 2.  Care and feeding of Shogoths.
> 3.  Tentacle polishing with Dr. Zog's special wax.
> 4.  Curbing after the Gate Guardian when he leaves little guardian land 
> mines in the secret gateway to a dark, foreboding, wet, alternate land 
> that challenges your mental sanity (aka Trimaris).  Such a gateway has 
> nothing to do with the Heavnor Runestone; nor do I have to visit it on the 
> solstice and equinox with sacrifices of lutefisk and Tequila.  Really. 
> There is no basis for presuming such duties exist.
> Respectfully,
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