[NR] Regional Office Opportunity

Reis ap Tuder reis at hailmog.org
Mon Apr 18 15:54:28 PDT 2011

Greetings, all,

For those who don't have any reason to know (most of you), I've served as
the region's Regional Chronicler for the past, oh, 22.5 months. :)  And so,
the office is about to open for applications; it will be announced
officially in the May Black Star, filled an appropriate time thereafter, and
the new officer will be officially warranted at Round Table in July
following a transition period, no doubt.

So, the point of this mail is to get folks thinking about whether they'd be
interested in this office, and of course, to offer to answer any questions
(off-list, please, either at reis AT hailmog DOT org, or northern AT
chronicler DOT ansteorra DOT org -- try to at that, confounded Yahoo address
eater) about the position for anyone interested.  It doesn't take up a great
deal of your time most months and it's a great excuse to get mailed all the
northern newsletters so you can enjoy them and be one of the best-informed
people in the region, at least in theory.  (The fact that I don't seem to be
the best-informed person in the region can only be attributed to how
studiously I avoid absorbing information.)  And we'd really, really like
there to be applicants for the job. :)

Anyway.  As I say, official announcement and application instructions and so
forth in the May Black Star.


HL Reis ap Tuder
Lame Duck Northern Regional Chronicler

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