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Greetings all - sorry for the tag along but I am not that computer savey any more.
Finn and i have spent the evening throwing things back and forth.  One of my favorties is "Polaris" the North Star (any of you who have watched "the Patriot" w/Gibson will remember the necklace which i propose as part of the device).  The other one i found was Navigatoria - from the Latin to navigate towards home - which might be appropriate if we are to abscond with parts of Calontir in our bit of rebellion.l
Of course, Polaris is also in Ursa Minor (the Little Bear.)  This brings on feelings and rememberances of Blackfox.  In Latin fox is Vulpes.  If any Kingdom owned knowledge of itself to one person - so indeed to we to this man. - Perhaps not in its naming but indeed in its outcome.
I realize the input of "Dinos" isn't a big deal.  We don't do a lot of active participation (pls. see our medical records to date).  However. all of those "I remember when..." stories are still locked in our heads and we hope to leave a Kingdom behind us stronger than that which in our impecunious youth we made.  Only you all can tell.
We are in a holding pattern as to Finn's health and his qualification for the UNOS list for a new heart.  I do all of the physical work around this house with the exceptions of when Arthur can spare the time.  I wish I could contribute more ( I have hundreds of pictures that need scanning and cataloguing) to the group.  I would (and would Finn) like to be a major contributor to a new northern group.  Please keep us advised.
PS - I still have a lot of research books that many may use - I just wont't let them out of the house.  I do have a scanner/printer to cover that.
Work forward, excellencies and all peers; let us know how we can help.
Sincerely and SIC - Roz and Finn

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Greetings Again to the North.

It seems the survey settings have not turned out as I had intended.
Currently it is set up to only allow you to rate five names, one for each of
the ratings.  I am working to correct this.


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> Greetings!
> This is the link to the survey that I created from the proposed names from
> the Regional Names site.  Some entries had to be trimmed a bit to fit into
> the survey software limitations, my apologies.  The intent of the survey is
> only to take a pulse.  The last question allows you to input a new
> suggestion.
> The survey has been set up to allow each name to be rated on a 5 point
> scale].  Currently the survey is not set to immediately show the results so
> as not to skew them.   If anyone has any suggestions on how long this should
> run before the results are shown please let me know.
> The survey can be found at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KFTLV7L
> Please send any feedback or issues to me at rockmeamadeo at gmail.com
> YIS,
> Amadeo
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