[NR] Northern Digest, Vol 58, Issue 2

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The only one I can comment on is Quivara (or Cibola[sp?] depending on source).

The Northern region happens to encompass a significant part of the area rumored to be the location of the 'Seven Cities of Gold' which the Conquistadors were seeking.  

Whatta concept! A period reference to the regions lands for the regions name...and it's easy to yell.

HE Damon


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Please understand that I am *not* speaking as Star Principal Herald in
this message (thus it coming from my personal address), but merely as
just an ordinary herald.

I would much MUCH rather see a list of proposed name _meanings_ first,
not meanings-in-other-languages. It's far far easier to later find a
name expert to research, for example, an Old English version of X than
it is for someone to assert what they believe is the Old English
version of X -- their name research might be spot-on, or (more likely)
it might be highly questionable. Few of us are actual name experts,
and merely having your hands on a modern dictionary is not always that


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