[NR] back to northern naming: Equitania??

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There are issues with it. Northshield already has the name Polaris Herald  
registered. They may be disinclined to either surrender the name or give  
permission to conflict (which in this case may not be adequate anyway -- and  
could be seen as implying a connection we don't want.)
I found no names registered based on Quivara, Quivira or Cibola. But as a  
name that means something in the Real World, there may be issues. I doubt 
even  an English branch could register Camelot or Camelliard. On the other 
hand, Bois  D'Arc is a real town in south-east central Missouri, AND a branch 
of Calontir in  southeast Kansas. So, maybe the other names are sufficiently 
obscure, I  dunno.
Amberland, given the history, for good or ill, will remind Southerners of  
Simon of Amber Isle. That connection may or may not be desirable, I make no  
I translated "Open Prairie" and "High Plains" into Mongolian a while back,  
not because I thought anyone would go for one of them but to try to get 
people  to think outside their boxes. Considering it's one of the noble beasts 
that is  not being used by other branches, and was so important to the 
cultures we  emulate and the cultures of this area, I suggest something like 
"Horselands" or  "Horse Folk", translated into some language where it is easy to 
spell and shout  and rhymes well for the bardcrafters.
And I don't know Latin, as the subject demonstrates.
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countesskat at yahoo.com writes:

> Roz  and Finn said:
> One of my favorties is "Polaris" the North  Star...

I can't claim dinosaur status, but I've been around long enough  to be 
considered obsolete... ;) 

I just wanted to say that, of all the  names I've seen suggested, I really 
like this possibility. Polaris as the  North Star (an unchanging celestial 
body in the sky, critical to navigation  for many medieval cultures as it was 
always there to show the way home) would  provide a compromise on the whole 
“north star” issue that even I wouldn’t  object to... 

And Latin... hey that works for pretty much most personas  (there are 
actually some of us who aren't scandanavian :). 

It is clear  and pronounceable on first glance, doesn’t sound like an 
inappropriate English  slang word… and you can type it on a standard keyboard 
without using any  special macros or symbols. YAY! Plus, from a scribal pov, 
all letters are easy  to find in most period calligraphy hands (unlike J, K, 
Q, X, etc and letters  unique to other languages). 

I really hope they add this name to the  “official” list of suggestions. 
It might even motivate me to vote.

~  Kat M.

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