[NR] Proposed Northern Regional Names

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I probably won't say this correctly as I usually manage to screw things up 
when I try to express something , but here goes.

while there may indeed be hard feelings about discussing the possibility of 
any region becoming a principality .
there will also be much rejoicing , even if it is only done by the bank 
accounts of the people that are " expected " to travel all over the kingdom, 
be that for meetings,events, or " to be seen " , not to mention landed's and 
crowns that have to do all that driving ( read " pay for all that travel " ) 
it says something , when ( for many groups ) it is closer to drive to gulf 
wars than it is to drive to many ansteorran events .....

I tend to look at things from the financial point of view , the rising cost 
of fuel , toll's , food, etc. is making it harder for many people to get to 
events they would have liked to go to, which means fewer site/feast fees , 
which means less money in the hosting groups acct.at 1st that's not a 
problem, but as time wears on where does the money come from to hold your 
next event ? fund raisers at every event " for next years event " ???
is it worth all that just to maintain status quo ?

the principality ( if it ever does happen ) would not create more expense, 
as those that can afford it are already traveling , buying etc. to the same 

as for the other regions working on names, the northern is trying to be an 
example , if the other regions turn their noses up at the idea, we can't 
force them to do anything , but it is " their choice " not to work on names 
, and has nothing to do with the northern regions " choice " to work on a 
period name .

with the rise in membership rates on top of all of the other rises in cost 
for going to events, it makes it hard for me to even continue to make 
regional events, instead of following the 6 hour rule ( if its within 6 
hours of here I should go )   : (

and since I just realized that my previous post was just on the northkeep 
list , im adding my reply to this e-mail as well.

>Actually, storms, moons, and raptors, are not uncommon from here to the

 but do you really want the northern region named after one group ?  or some
part of their device ?
that's like saying " insert group part / name here " are the true example
for the northern region , you all just follow us , we'll tell you what to
do. : (
I thought the whole point was to come together and be recognized as a whole
, not just sub parts of a particular group ?
but hey , I'm just picky I guess if people choose names like " namron shadow
" or " weisenron " or " moon keep " or "  red moon ", or" red flaming
tornado moon keep" or perhaps even little star ,  at least its not "
ikaanphart " or " tootenlauder " , who am I to complain .
I may not like it , but I don't have to, it's like the president, I can vote
all I want , but it doesn't really matter much to the outcome .
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
Arthur <<<

so there ya go , thems my thoughts, your mileage may vary
stay warm
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

ps, was informed my vote counted as much as anyones , but my point was
" the herd will go where the herd will go , even if strays are left by the 
wayside  "

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> When people ask me where I am from at Gulf Wars I proudly answer 
> Ansteorra.  Or if they wanted geographical information I will say just 
> south of the Oklahoma border since anyone not familiar with Ansteorra 
> won't have any SCA reference to go by.  I agree that the Northern 
> Ansteorra has its own identity and culture but the very fact that we feel 
> that we have our own identity and culture does not mean that we have to 
> give up the title Ansteorra. While I don't really see anything wrong with 
> renaming all of the regions if the kingdom as a whole wishes to do it, 
> limiting the discussion to the northern region, which has been done by 
> default, is not the way to go.  It will cause hurt feelings and it will 
> imply that the northern region is looking to cede from Kingdom. If you 
> truly want to spearhead an effort to rename the regions in period style 
> then start the effort on the Ansteorran list and explain it as such.  If 
> the intent is to cede from the kingdom then that should be the subje
> ct of the discussion rather than a name for the region and that should 
> also be discussed in the open with all kingdom members able to give input 
> rather than just those who espouse the idea.  Continuing on the path that 
> we are currently on is bad for the kingdom as a whole.  And realize, that 
> if you do start that "P" conversation, you are opening a can of worms that 
> will cause massive hurt feelings and pain both within the region and 
> within the kingdom.
> Cameron
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