[NR] Bonwicke's Artisan

HE Chiang Chi-sh h chiang at clearwire.net
Wed Feb 16 20:47:30 PST 2011

  Greetings to all who read this,
This coming weekend brings Bonwicke's Titled Artisan Event. I invite you all to attend our event. We shall choose our Titled Artisan and Bard. We even have some stuff planned to keep the fighters busy, if you do not, they break things. More information and directions to the site can be found at: http://bonwicke.ansteorra.org/oracle/Oracle.pdf .
  Her Excellency and I look forward to seeing you, and all the lovely work being presented by our Kingdom's talented artisans. Last year I had the greatest time ever listening to Bardic performances, and saw some awesome A&S entries. I was blown away by what I saw and heard. I expect this year to be even better as the weather is supposed to be far warmer and better this year.
 May your travels be uneventful.
 I am and remain, your humble servant,
 HE Chiang Chi-sh h
 Baron of Bonwicke

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