[NR] [Bonwicke] List Mistress for Artisan List

Jackque R. Davis jobecp1 at nts-online.net
Fri Feb 18 05:44:59 PST 2011

O-yea!  O-yea . so much for "planning ahead " .your friendly ol' Feast
Steward has run into a small snag ..   : ( 


Will not be at site until mid-afternoon Friday . Fear not . all is well that
ends well . I hope . I hope . I hope 





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It would seem that I am in need of a List Mistress for the combat at
Bonwicke's Artisan event. If you would care to volunteer for such a job,
please let me know so that my Marshal in Charge could rest easy. He is one
of those nervous sorts, something about planning ahead or some such.

Your humble servant,

HE Chiang Chi-sh h

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