[NR] Northern Regional Practice this SUNDAY!!

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Wed Feb 23 06:50:07 PST 2011

Greetings All,
    This is a reminder that Northern Regional Practice is this Sunday at
Camp Dakani (directions: http://tinyurl.com/4ldf6gp). Practice for Rapier
begins at noon. I will have fabric and mask testers on hand. Those who
require authorizations should attend.

This weekend we train for war. So, below I will post a list of basic
commands we will review. It's important that everyone is familiar with them
prior to Gulf Wars.

I hope to see everyone at practice.

HE Orlando
Northern Rapier Captain

*Rapier War Commands*

*blades UP*

Assume a comfortable standing position with sword points directed

*on GUARD*

Members of the unit level their swords at their opponents, assume a fighting
stance, and prepare to engage the opposing force.


The unit steps into range of the opposing force and commences with violent

NOTE: When conducting movement drills in the absence of an opposing force,
Blades Up indicates that there are no imaginary opponents in the vicinity;
On Guard indicates that imaginary opponents are in the vicinity but outside
of range; and Engage indicates that imaginary opponents are in range and
members of the unit should simulate making attacks, blocks, parries, etc.


Form Up calls all members of the unit to take their places in the previously
designated formation. If no specific formation has been indicated, the
default is a line formation at normal interval.

*dress THE LINE*

Calls all members of the unit to look around them and adjust their
positioning such that the unit returns to a well ordered formation
consisting of the appropriate shape and spacing between members.

*at a walk/ double time/ triple time ADVANCE*

Move forward at the indicated pace (i.e., purposeful walk, jog, run),
maintaining formation as well as possible when obstacles are encountered.

*by step advance … STEP*

Upon each command of execution, STEP, members of the unit will advance one
step while shouting, “Advance!” If the opposing force is within range while
advancing by step, each advance should be accompanied by an attack (i.e.
lunge and recover forward).

*<number> steps ADVANCE*

Members of the unit advance the indicated number of steps while shouting the
count (e.g., “One! Two! Three!”). Each step should be accompanied by an
attack if the opposing force is within range.

NOTE: Retreats may be issued in the same fashion as advances with the
exception that stepwise retreats are never accompanied by unison attacks.

*slide left/right SLIDE*

Members of the unit sidestep in the indicated direction while maintaining
the formation.

*<number> steps to the left/right SLIDE*

Members of the unit sidestep the indicated number of steps in the indicated
direction while shouting the count.

*refuse the LEFT/RIGHT*

The unit turns to face the indicated direction by pivoting backward on the
fighter furthest from the new facing. If Refuse the Right is the command,
the line swings backward to face the right as though a door swinging upon a
hinge at the leftmost individual.


Terminate the current movement and automatically Dress the Line.


Maximize defense at the current position. The unit stops movement (if any),
and any members of the unit behind the formation (leaders or swordsmen held
in reserve) step forward to actively participate in the defense.


Used when the unit is in danger of being overrun and retreat is not
feasible. Members of the unit should become extremely aggressive in defense
of the current position and cause the opposing force to pay dearly for any
ground they might gain. Nearby friendly units should send reinforcements
with all due haste.


Used when the unit is in danger of being overrun. All members of the unit
break engagement with the opposing force as quickly as possible and sprint
at various oblique angles to the indicated direction. If no direction is
provided, then rearward is the default. The scattering effect of the oblique
angles should make rapid organized pursuit difficult enough that Break can
be succeeded by a Rally.


Every fighter should immediately converge upon the indicated location and
Reform. Executed in a quick and disciplined manner, a rally can rescue a
unit from a potential rout. If the opposing force pursues a Break in a
disorderly fashion, the rapid reestablishment of unit order can turn the
tide against the would-be aggressors.

*ready PRESS*

Members of the unit shout battle cries while vigorously attacking the
opposing force and advancing through its current position. An effective
press will gain ground and either disrupts an opposing formation or produces
casualties in a disorganized opposing force.

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