[NR] WinterKingdom Teachers final reveiw

ottokarluther at aol.com ottokarluther at aol.com
Mon Jan 17 23:55:49 PST 2011

Greetings All

please go to the web site (winterkingdomxxii.yolasite.com) review your 
class listing and the schedule .

please send me any corrections to the class listings that ive screwed 
up (ottokarluther at aol.com)

please send me any corrections to the schedule . please only send me 
corrections to the schedule that the posted schedule make it a complete 
impossibility for you to teach your class ive done my best to meet the 
requests that were made. i can not guarantee that i will be able to 
make changes just because you would like it differently but i will do 
my best to make changes within reason.

please make this review and get me an e-mail no later than wed 
01-19-2011 by 10 pm speak now or forever hold your peace
got to get this to the printer.

thank you all for donating your time and effort to make this an awesome 
please forward this to anybody i may have missed


ottokarluther at aol.com

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